Con't receive USER_LEFT events

using branch : 21.10.1 updated mobile-21.4 tag
occurred os : ios/android

Hi, I’m a developer who develops video conversation services using the jitsi library.

I’m going to use the latest library to update the screen sharing function.
I can’t get the USER_LEFT event on my mobile.
Since web events occur without any problems, I think it’s only a problem on mobile.

I thought my project was a problem, so I got a jit si-meet and implemented it.
The same thing happened to me.
There’s no problem with the market version.

I used all min files used from 21.0 to 21.4 versions were used, the event was not received.

What’s the problem?

How are you attempting to get the event?

I solved this problem.
Promise.allSettled() was the problem.
installing “promise.allsetted: 1.0.4” in the package does not solve it.
The min.js file is forcibly defining and using promise.allsetted.