Consulting To Review Jitsi Settings For Video Quality


We are looking to hire an expert Jitsi developer for a 3 hour time block to review our jitsi settings.

Essentially, our goal is to ensure we have the highest quality video for our users, and feel there could be optimization and settings that might improve this which an expert could assist with.

If you can help with this, please let me know as soon as possible as this will be immediate.

Talk soon,

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Hello Sir,
I am Jitsi expert with big experience making projects with Jitsi, Big Blue Button and Green Light.
I read your project description, and can implement it.

Previously I did a lot of Jitsi and BBB configurations.

I can do review, optimization and customization work if needed.

I have a team, if needed to scale development process or to make big projects, I can attract more people and arrange everything.

Kamil Idrissov

Hi Michael,

We’re running the Jitsi servers of 170 city councils in Catalonia, including Barcelona.

By default, Jitsi can get as much as 720p on Streamings.

What’s your issue? feel free to contact me at or +34-666-23-64-three-three



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Hi Kamil, can you shre your contact details as I will connect via email.

Talk soon,

Hi! My email is:

Dear Michael,

We can do a health check of the entire system and report you any faulty configurations, suggestions to improve the system and scale for future demand. You can reach us via

Team Telzee

Hi Michael,

We would be able to support you with Jitsi installations and support services. Please drop us a mail

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.