Constraints Resolutions conflicts with camera - 1 of 2 is always not working, depending on ideal resolution


I see a very strange issue with our self hosted jitsi (but also with - but I cannot influence it there).
Using 2 different computers with integrated cameras always one is not working.
There is a macbook with facetime HD camera, running windows 10 and an older lenovo X1 (3rd gen) with integrated camera. All things are done in Chrome.
When using the original constraints I get stuck with the lenovo. Never can see the picture from the camera - but the camera LED is on - it simply stays and waiting for the camera access to be allowed (it is allowed):
constraints: {
video: {
height: {
ideal: 720,
max: 720,
min: 240

If I change ideal to 480 the lenovo X1 is working without issues. Not stuck. It just accepts the camera picture.
But then the macbook get issues. Only Audio is working then. Video is working in the preview on the settings, but not in the main window. Jitsi reports “Failed to access camera” in a yellow box. To get the macbook camera working.

I feel the issue is not with the macbook, because actually I want to use the 720 resolution. But the issue is that the camera in the lenovo is not working if the setting is 720.

Who can help me?
What do I need to configure to work with both hardware setups. Why is the Lenovo camera stuck when setting is at 720 ideal. It should simply use a lower resolution.

Thanks for your help