Connectivity issues from only 2 people

I got a Jitsi server up and running on an AWS instance and it works flawlessly for everyone… except for 2 users.

When they connect to the call, Everyone can see their names and that they joined, But their video and audio never comes across nor are they able to see or hear anyone else. And after about 10 seconds it says their connection is inactive. But they are still able to raise their hand, and chat works too.

For the first user I tried to get him to use a different browser, a different computer, and even try the Jitsi Meet mobile app, but it seems like nothing works (maybe a network/ISP/firewall issue?). Earlier I had Jitsi-docker installed on my laptop, and even there, everyone was able to connect except him (as a side note I am using duckdns for the domain name in both installs). Strangely enough works flawlessly for him, so that should rule out any hardware issues. Haven’t run as extensive tests for the second user but the case does seem similar. The only thing that I know to be similar between both users is that they both have the same ISP.

I got both of them to send me their chrome console logs after encountering the errors. I’m also attaching my JVB and Jicofo logs (these were taken after user no. 2 tried to connect). Heres a link to the logs since the site won’t let me upload attachments.

Any help would be much appreciated :hugs:

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