Connectivity Issue?

Hi all,
We have set up a Jitsi server on AWS. We recently noticed that there is a network connectivity issue.
the upload and download bit rate is very unstable, especially when the meeting is in P2P mode. One participant’s upload bit rate can rapidly drop to 200Kbps or less from over 2000Kbps.
The testing machines has no internet issues. We also tried increase the Server size in terms of CPU and RAM, but the problem still exists.
We tried There is no problem with that site, both the upload and download speed on the testing machines can stay at over 2000Kbps.

Can anyone help us on this matter? Is this a settings problem?

By the way, We have tried Azure as well, but it does not solve the problem.

Are you using stable? You can try latest from unstable this is closer to and report how it goes.
We need to update stable soon.

I just set up one using the unstable (3722), but the problem remains.

If you are using 2 chrome instances, they will be in p2p mode and the bridge will not be involved in the media exchange, so there is nothing we control on the way.
The only difference on in this case is that we have a turn server configured for fallback if p2p is not able to been established, but if you can establish it with your instance, same should be in and with If you open your local extended stats you will see (p2p) for p2p connection or (turn) when using turn.
Do you use turn when in p2p mode on and no turn in your case?

I am not sure about using turn server. I can only see the following in the settings under P2P section:
stunServers: [
{ urls: ‘’ },
{ urls: ‘’ },
{ urls: ‘’ }

No, these are stun servers used only to be able to discover addresses and ports through NATs in order to be able to try establish p2p connection.

You can check:

Or just search for mod_turncredentials.lua in the forum there are multiple posts for it.

You need a separate machine for that …
Did you check whether the difference is the turn server when using

I will go through the documentation and see what I can do.
I will let you know the result.

I have set up a turn server, but I am not sure if I configured prosody right. Is there any way to tell the turn server is working with Jitsi?

I tested the turn server on the following link and it seems to be working:

I can see the coturn server in chrome://webrtc-internals/. Does this mean I got the configuration right?

I’m testing by adding an iptables rule that drop packets from my home internet to the jvb on port 10000 udp, I force the connection to go through turn and I check with wireshark that packets go through turn.

Now I can see (p2p)(turn), but the speed issue still remains. If we use the same machines to go to, There is no speed issue. Any thoughts?

The links to the meet.jit machines is better, is the only explanation I can see …

Aside from the speed issue, now the p2p calls are always turn, is this normal? Is it possible to configure it to use p2p or turn based on network condition?

Normally it fallbacks to turn if p2p cannot succeed. Or maybe turn connection succeeds before the p2p one …

How can I make sure it attempts p2p first?