Connectivity issue last jitsi update

I ran 8 jitsi server for association from 15 month without any problem
I have issues with the last update (in chrome) users loose their video
i reinstall few times on fresh new server with the same result
did i miss a config file ?
HOW can i install the previous version ?
Have an idea ?

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In case you have updated from this previous version to latest and observing issues…you might try installing the latest version directly and check if you still observe those issues…

have been facing the same issue with Jitsi Meet docker on RedHat installation.

Configuring two things in .env solved my issue

# Public URL for the web service (required)

# IP address of the Docker host
# See the "Running behind NAT or on a LAN environment" section in the Handbook:

Also, the PUBLIC_URL is the Reverse Proxy URL which has the certificate configured.