Connections wirh Jitsis Meet on Android only work once

I recently installed Jitsi-Server on Debian 10, it now works fine, on many different operating systems and browsers. I tests also tested the Desktop Apps for Linux, Mac and Windows. The only app that has problems is the Jitsi Meet Android App it only works after the installation of the App.

Yes, there is a workaround, reinstall the app every time you use it, but that is a bit ugly.

There are now logs on the Jitsi-Server when the connection fails. That is because the TLS-Connection is ended by the client, with the error:
TLSv1.2 73 Alert (Level: Fatal, Description: Certificate Unknown)

This error does not appear when you use the Jitsi Meet App for the first time or you reinstalled it.
The TLS handshake is exactly the some, from the server as also from the client side, the problem starts with the client not accepting the certificate, he has found perfectly well just minutes before…

The certificate is from Digicert and it never has caused troubles before.

I installed the app via Google Playstore and F-Droid, it makes no difference, same behavior.
Jitsi Meet App Android version: 20.2.3 build 2020030
Test Android Versions: 9, 8.1
Hardware: 3 smartphones and one tablet

Why is there a different behavior after restarting the app?
Any ideas ?

Network trace from the first connection:

Network trace after app restart:

Transmitted Certificate before and after restart of the app, I spot no difference:

The german error Message on the phone:

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As described here:

A workaround is to put all 3 Certs, the Root, the Intermediate and the actual servercertificate in one .CRT-File

Regarding the App: Its still not a good idea to act different after the app is restartet compared to the first connection to the jitsisserver.