Connections problems | I can't see the video of the partner but we can chat with each other

Hi Guys.

I install jitsi-meet with the quick guide on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The server has a fixed IP address and is permanently connected to the Internet. The installation went smoothly. Immediately after the installation, I could easily call up the intended domain. After i create a room everything looks fine.
When a second person want to join, we can’t see each other but we can chat with each other. The partners video window remains black. He can only see himself and it’s the same with me.
The firewall ports (tcp 80, 443, and udp 10000) are open as requested in the documentation.

There is the following warning in prosody’s log files:
Component not connected, bouncing error for: <iq id=‘XYl2f-3289’ type=‘get’ to=‘

I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I couldn’t find any other problems in the log files.
Can someone tell me what the problem may be?

Thank a lot.

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Hi, and welcome to this forum.

Is there any reason to use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ? It will be EOL next year, perhaps consider using 18.04 LTS to improve the chances of having help and eventual fixes. Which guide did you follow ? Are both clients using the lasted Chrome / Chromium ?

I’ve tested both Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 without issues. Perhaps try completely disabling the firewall, then close/open ports selectively to rule out that part.

Hi MagicFab,

thanks for the hint. So far I’ve tried the connection in Firefox. If I have now taken Chrome for testing, the connection seems to work without problems. However, I now have another problem. As soon as more than two users participate in the videocall, the connection breaks down. I have to investigate this further now, since this problem is often reported here in forum.
As far as the operating system is concerned, we will move to new server hardware in the next few weeks and plan to install Ubuntu 18.04 there.
Thanks again for the help.


Start to have a problem when a third user comes in for the videocall, we have problems, and we can´t talk at all, and that´s it´s been annoying me. How can I solve this problem, as soon as possible? I have a meeting tomorrow!