connectionQuality is null

Hi, i can see it in logs. Do you know, what settings is responsive to measure connectionQuality ?
I guess if it can retrieve it, we wont get that log anymore.
Thank you

[shard-jvb-3 jvb] WARNING: Invalid message received (Parameter specified as non-null is null: method org.jitsi.videobridge.message.EndpointStats.put, parameter value (through reference chain: org.jitsi.videobridge.message.EndpointStats["connectionQuality"]): {"colibriClass":"EndpointStats","bitrate":{"upload":155,"download":812,"audio":{"upload":24,"download":135},"video":{"upload":131,"download":677}},"packetLoss":{"total":0,"download":0,"upload":0},"connectionQuality":null,"jvbRTT":74,"serverRegion":"region","maxEnabledResolution":180}

Probably same issue like here: JVB Error: Invalid message received (Parameter specified as non-null is null..)

What version of Jitsi you are using? Are you using docker images?

We don’t have anything related to “1080p with VP9 or H264”, but we are using modified Jitsi images.

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yes typically we are using docker images.

i suspect BWE / new bandwith algorithm to create this issue since we dont have this on other deployments . (different config.js) but i could be wrong

Yeah, it’s here

IOW, that’s a bug. Don’t create an issue in the domain of G.Politis, B. Grozev and alii. That’s not their problem, as videobridge is only a consumer, the origin is not here. But don’t try to silence a bug, it’s futile.

Edit: on second thought, the fact there there is something abnormal here don’t come from videobridge; however if the world was perfect, it would have been reported as an error, not a warning.

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