Connection terrible with 3 or more users

Been trying to test multiple people joining a room on my own network just to get an idea how of it will perform and everytime theres 3 or more users in the room the connection just goes terrible for everyone. If there’s just two users the connection is fine however, all good. Any idea what’s causing this dramatic loss in connectivity when a third person or more joins?

What are the browsers used by the participants? For best experience use chrome.

Two of them were on chrome and one was using the jitsi meet app on an android phone

When there are two participants in the call they can connect p2p and if both happen to be in the same network, the media traffic is direct and does not got through Internet.

Once there is a third person in the call all traffic goes over Internet and slow network can affect the quality. Sometimes the first few seconds of the call is the time of ‘ramping up’, this is probing the network and trying to use as much of it to fit the best quality.