CONNECTION_RESTORED is not triggering in mobile android chrome


I tried turning off my wifi connection in my android phone(MI 6) and then turning it on again, conference.CONNECTION_RESTORED was not triggered. However using desktop, and having same scenario, the conference.CONNECTION_RESTORED was triggered.

I also noticed in mobile android, that connection.CONNECTION_FAILED triggers on before conference.CONNECTION_INTERRUPTED which is opposite to desktop.

NOTE: I’m using browser chrome in mobile android


We don’t really support mobile browsers. You must have bypassed the limitation by requesting the desktop site.

We have mobile apps which hopefully handle this better.


In mobile I handle the reconnection using this window listener window.addEventListener('online', fn);, once the user is online then I reload the page. The problem is that, in desktop site the previous interrupted tracks are still there and I don’t know how to remove them from the conference. I used to detect interrupted and active participants using PARTICIPANT_CONN_STATUS_CHANGED, however when I try to add the active participant tracks in the conference, still it doesn’t work. Please kindly advice me how to manage this kind of scenario. thanks


How are you reloading the page?


When I reload the page in mobile, it works fine. But on the desktop site(the other participant), the video stream of the participant(mobile) is not showing. It’s because the mobile participant recreates new participant Id and the previous participant Id was not removed. So in desktop site, during the TRACK_ADDED, it’s hard for you to determine which is the interrupted and the active one, and there’s a possibility that the interrupted one will be selected or be displayed. So the work around, is to wait PARTICIPANT_CONN_STATUS_CHANGED, to determine the interrupted and the active participants. So is it possible to determine the connection status of participant via TRACK_ADDED?


No, you can’t determine that with TRACK_ADDED, the other event is designed for that.


so is there a way to remove or to kick the interrupted participants?


Yes, you can kick participants, but only a moderator can do it.