Connection refused android app

hello to all,

I am trying to run a jitsi instance on my own server.
I ve used docker compose as descirbed at github. A videoconference in a browse is working fine.
I ve a wildcard lets encrypt certificate.
I ve opened Port 10000/UDP in the firewall.
Jitsi it self is avilable over a nginx revese proxy.

Can someone tell me where I ve do dig to get jitsi with android app woking.

Android App is working on other jtisi instances

The firewall is the latest version of opnsense

thx stefan

i have same problem with ubuntu 22 e wildcard certificate with chain. you have result?

You need valid full-chain certs for webRTC on mobiles

i validate with

now i try with lets encrypt certificate…same problem

Can you check this: Android 11 App Disconnect Loop · Issue #10396 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

yes now work for me. i modify /etc/jitsi/meet/ and restart service
thank u very mush