Connection problem

I had with my friends yesterday, suddenly I could not see video stream of people in the chat, also after 30 seconds i had this message on my screen : “Call restarted because of connection issue. Restart initiated because of a bridge failure”. Then I was kicked out of chat, even though Other person in that jitsi don’t have that problem. I tried different browsers but all was in vain. What is it? I’m live in Korea, Please help me out I need immediate assistance.

I feel you pain. I’m from Russia and I have met with the same problem. There is still no solution for our problem.
Sorry for offtopic, are you from South or North Korea ? It seems to me that Russia slowly turns into North Korea (

It saddens me that there is no solution. I’m living in Korea. I don’t know much about other countries, but I think the two are pretty similar. I’m off topic too, but I’ve heard that Russia is at war, I hope the war maker knows he’s wrong. And I hope you take care too.