Connection problem with android

Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for my English.
I deployed a jitsi server at the enterprise, configured work via the Internet (the certificate is not self-signed).
I started testing its operation from different devices outside the local network (that is, from the Internet), it works fine on Windows, it works fine on mac os, it works fine on iOS, and there are problems on Android, the application writes about network problems, it turns out to connect from the Google chrome browser, but neither sound nor video work (chat works, which is surprising), if you connect via mozilla, then everything works correctly, but mozilla writes that the certificate is not valid (although other browsers do not think so)
Android 11
Ubuntu 20

After some time, I noticed another feature, if I create a conference not via the internal network but via the Internet, then other conference participants who are outside the local network will be able to connect without problems from google chrome, but participants from the local network will connect but will not be able to see and hear the interlocutors
Has anyone actually encountered such a situation?

The first issue seems the same as:

For the second issue, do the internal participants use the same FQDN as the outsiders

Thank you, your link helped The problem is solved