Connection problem, bridge failure

Hello. I have connection problem. i had multi group chats before on jiti and Everything was working fine but not today. I tried to connect to one group chat and i could not see video stream of people in the chat, also after 30 seconds i had this message on my screen : “Call restarted because of connection issue. Restart initiated because of a bridge failure”. Then I was kicked out of chat. I tried different browsers and even VPN and all was in vain. What is it ? Please help me out I need immediate assistance ! I live in Russia btw, could be this an issue ?Thank you.

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Is this on or on a private Jitsi server?

Quite possibly. There have been reports of people having problems accessing from Russia.

VPN may work or not even in the best of time - if they block UDP it may be a serious problem. If you have never used a specific VPN before, you can’t be sure it works correctly.

Are you using Chrome? Does it work with Firefox?

However, if I understand the attached issue correctly (which, to be frank, I really don’t) something along your network egress is attempting to replace the cipher suite use for DTLS. Chrome rejects that, hence the failed connection. Firefox apparently does not mind. So even if Firefox works, I would be wary of the implications.

It was on

I was using different browsers yesterday such as Chrome, Opera, Edge and Mozilla. No, sadly it doesen’t work with Mozilla Firefox as well. So I still have no clue how to fix it (((

If I install the private jitsi server - will it help for users from Russia?

Even Google Meet is affected so this is not specific to but rather WebRTC connections out of Russia. Not sure if setting up yet another Jitsi server is going to help unless you do something different.

Disclaimer: I have practically no real experience on this subject (other than having users in the same boat). I’m merely sharing my limited understanding of the matter which may or may not be accurate. Do take it with a pinch of salt.

Private jitsi server help to solve you problem?

Nope, it doesen’t

STUN and TURN server can solve this problem?

Sorry for necro-ing this thread.

EDIT: I’m facing what I believe to be the same if not similar issue on

I’ve tried using the mobile (ios/android) and webapps. All disconnect me after around 10 minutes. With “bridge failure” toast type pop-up. And immediately reconnects successfully. This has been going on for more than a week now since 19 JUL 2022 - today 29 JUL 2022. Other participants did not seem to have the same issue though it could be because I am connecting from Singapore while others were from different countries.

I have not faced any issues with other video conferencing software so far.

Could anyone suggest what might be a good approach to troubleshooting this issue?

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Are you experiencing this on or on your own deployment?

I’m experiencing it on

I’ll edit my question to reflect that as well. Slipped my mind that the causes of the issue I faced would differ drastically if it were my own deployment versus which is for the most part extremely reliable for most users.

That being said, if deploying my own jitsi node/bridge or something would help my issue, I’m open to that as well.

If you’re using, where are you getting this pop-up?

A bridge failure is server-related, so if you’re experiencing it on, it would suggest there was a problem there. However, being that other participants are not experiencing the same, this may be related to your network. What browser are you using?

Attached is one I got just now trying to simulate the problem. This is with both devices connected to the same network subnet.

Bridge failure occurance on Android App.

Granted it does reconnect me… the issue is the 2-3 seconds of connection drop every ~10 minutes gets very disruptive especially if I am screen sharing over a 2-3hour period.

I believe you’re right, it might well be some network issue. But I have not experienced anything similar with other services I’ve used Zoom/Meet/ I’ve tried over wifi and ethernet over a slew of devices from laptops(win&linux) to tablets(iOS&android) to phones(iOS&android) all of them through both the browsers(Google chrome, chromium, Firefox, safari) and the official apps.

I also play online games which would kick me if I had a connection loss, but haven’t experienced that either. Nor download failures for large files without resume functionality. Both of which would indicate intermittent network failures, but no.

The drop/bridge failure on is quite consistent after between 8-12 minutes of connection. I’ve not got any special firewall rules on my routers or modems. If I had a little more info on how Jitsi establishes and maintains its connection I might be able to do a little digging in my router and modem settings. Or maybe it’s some intermediate bridge server located at my geographic location that is causing this?

Thanks for helping!

Have you tried connecting using the phone’s data instead of your wifi network? Perhaps try that and see if you notice a difference.