Connection: Poor

I’ve been running a jitsi server for most of a year. Last update was applied on January 26. In the last two weeks, one client has started claiming poor connection to the server. This occurs even when there are only two clients on the same local lan. The troubled client sends and receives audio, and receives video. The web client estimates N/A down, 312k up. (This isn’t correct by any reasonable estimation: this machine can e.g. do over 10 Mbit/s up and 80 Mbit/s down to the Comcast speed test, and iperf3 can do 10 up and at least 50 down to the jitsi server.) Network interfaces show no errors, firewall logs no block events. Calls on Zoom do not have problems. The second local-lan client has no issues.

So basically everything points to something about this one machine. It did have a hardware upgrade in the time window. But what am I missing? I’m not seeing anything but the jitsi web client itself that’s claiming problems.

So you say there was some other network other network activity on the machine(the client machine) during the conference?

Nothing significant; usual background radiation.