Connection lost

Hi Team,
Our deploy is working okay but there is 2 problems is:

  1. There are some device that users in the meeting have lost connection, they can not listen or talk with other in the meeting and the connection status show “lost”. is it about Turn server or something like that? 2. Is about ram of EC. if i enhance the ram of EC2, is it effect to the auto scale system?
    Thank you

This is usually due to network inadequacies or problems. Check the affected users’ internet connections, make sure they have stable enough connections (sufficient bandwidth).

Thank you Fređie, i think this is not about network condition, because they still good with google meet. before when turn server is not confit yet, most of users lost connection when there is another user join the meeting. then turn server config, it still happen but only in some device. So i am not sure it is about Turn Server or something like that.

Can you reproduce the same issue with the same participants on

Were you able to have a successful call with 3 or more participants on that server at least once?