Connection keep getting dropped while connecting to Jitsi Meet

Hi Jitsi Community,

I am currently experiencing connection dropped issues while trying to connect to Jitsi Meet ( which happens almost 80% of the time.
The tricky part is I am using ISP1 when I encountered these issues, but when I switched to another ISP, ISP2, everything goes well.
Does anyone else experience this? Has anyone found any possible fix?

Please refer below for more details:

ISP: Converge ICT Solutions Inc. (located in the Philippines)
Speed Test: around 200mbps download and upload speed (
Local PC and browsers confirmed not using any VPN or any Proxy
Local PC firewall confirmed not blocking UDP port 10000

Jitsi Version at this time of writing: 735943b32d

Screenshots and logs when connection dropped:

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum.

It’s possible that some ports are not accessible on ISP1