connection.GET_SESSION_ID_ERROR after apt full-upgrade jitsi-meet (SOLVED)

Hey guys,

after upgrading jitsi-meet, its not possible to open a session anymore. Once I try to log in (secure domain), I get a session ID error.

Any ideas, where I should start?

Thanks a lot!

Could solve the problem by myself. Probably I missed to add an empty line as I applied the secure domain setup. Nonetheless, the jvb2 update added some configs to jicofo-config, which wrongly appeared in the same line as my prevous config. Putting it into the next line solved my problem and now everything works properly.

I receive now same error (after full apt-get dist-upgrade) - would you be so kind and post the corresponding code lines and how you edited them?
kind regards, thx a lot!


Mr. Smith, I would like to know this as well, as I am having the same exact problem with the same error notice.