Connection fails immediately after it is linked

Hello community,
I hope to be in proper forum for my trouble:
Using jitsi first time, the connection fails abruptly once it is established.

  • URL is setup equally both sides
  • Conference name is equally both sides
    Connection is build up but fails immediately when video starts.
    Error state: Connection interrupted, reconnection will start in _ seconds
    Timer to zero will not cure status, approch get stuck in reconnection loop

Is this an issue of connectivity and net speed?
Your support is highly appreciated

I had the same problem until I realized that I forgot to set the Docker Host IP in the configuration. but not sure if you’re running the docker installation.

We got the same problem too here in Sweden. It doesn’t matter if we use phone app or computer. We discovered it for the first time on the 29th of sept. and yesterday the problem was the again.
Please Help!

I’m sorry, I’m new here but not new to forums and solving problems therefore I can only say this to both of you: To have any chance of solving your problem, we need more information about your setup. Nobody will be able to just guess how you set up your jitsi and network and therefore nobody will answer.

Hi Kevin,
thanks for your earlier reply and sorry for not getting back to you in time.

Actually, I 'm already lost by identifying my “Docker Host IP” and consequentually to be able to change it. I honestly did not expect that excersise from “easy to use” jitsi introduction.
Anyhow, the setting I was able to configure is the Server-URL (
This was the only pre-requisite to be done as I was told from my partner , who did same setting on his divice.
Meet in an announced meeting room started promissing but once video is about to start, network prompt shows up to infornm about connectivity issues and a later restart.
There is currently no matter wheather I use laptop (jitsi on chrome) of smatphone (android app).
Interestingly, the connection is stable when “distance” is short. Laptop to smartphone to smartphone in same w-lan works perfect (even with unequal setting of server-url).
Thanks, Peter

yeah that problem should be solved once you set the docker host ip correctly and recreate the containers. The docker host ip is the ip address of your server.
It’s not a problem of the connection itself but rather the wrong IP that makes the video and audio not work.

Hi Kevin,
now I got your point.
Obviously, the container used still was running on an outdated host ip.
So I corrected it and will give it a try by tomorrow within the business hours.
Thanks for good advice.
stay tuned Peter

As I figured by now, the old people’s home in Germany I am about to contact proposed URL ( This URL was not able to call up from Austria.” offers a wide range of alternative instances capable to link international meetings as well for several locations around europe and beyond.
Maybe this hint as well is helpfull up there in Sweden.

I can’t open that link either and I’m in Germany. It just times out.
I’ve never seen the list of local servers though, thanks :smiley: