Connection failed - Error 404/504 http-bind

Hi, I work actually on project who need Jitsi but I got some problems.
Indeed, I got a 504 & 404 error until the file output “it’s work “

I setup my http-bind file with Nginx

I don’t know if it’s important but my Jitsi config works with Docker.

Someone can help me please ?

Your nginx config seems to be incorrect. First, you should be using HTTPS or WebRTC is not going to work, this is what browsers do, not something you can configure.

Then does your proxy filter POST perhaps?

To be honest, I’m not a backend developer. Can you said me where my Nginx config was wrong.

Can you confirm http-bind must be in https ? Because I see many examples with http.

About the proxy, the app is on azure server so they are no filter.

Thank you for your help

I cannot see if those location blocks are for an HTTP or an HTTPS server.

Technically http-bind doesn’t matter, but the host domain where you’ll have your cocnference must be served via HTTPS and since /http-bind is just an alias it will typiccally follow suit. Note that if you are serving HTTPS and then proxy-pass to a HTTP URL that’s ok, the user is getting served over HTTPS.

Thanks for your return.

I think my Nginx Config got problems because they refused to connect on HTTPS. I can access to my app only on HTTP.