Connection drops after enabling SQL support in prosody with Lua5.3


I am using jitsi release version stable-7439. I had a requirement of enabling SQL storage for prosody for which it has a backward dependency on Lua5.3 and not compatible with Lua5.4.

Since the docker image for prosody in jitsi release version stable-7439 explicitly uses Lua5.4, I modified the docker image to use Lua5.3 instead. The SQL module in prosody got bootstrapped correctly and prosody starts fine without any errors.

Now, the real problem occurs when we try to join a conference in jitsi meet. We have a reservation system in place too. So, we go about creating a reservation of more than 1 person and try to join it. The first user to join the reserved conference can join it successfully, but as soon as the second user tries to join the reserved conference, jitsi meet it starts breaking.

The second user is unable to join with an error screen having the message:

Unfortunately something went wrong. We’re trying to fix these. Reconnecting in xx seconds

Simultaneously, the first user who had already joined the reserved conference successfully also gets kicked out automatically.

I checked the prosody logs but could not find anything significant. While the jicofo log had an interesting comment logged at SEVERE level:

Can not invite participant, no bridge available.

jicofo also logs the following at WARNING level:

There are no operational bridges.

Kindly, help me in resolving this.

Check your prosody logs, there is likely an exception there. Also note Prosody does not recommend running 0.12 on Lua < 5.4.

It was a setup error on our side. We restarted JVB and Jicofo after our prosody update and everything worked fine.

I had to revert back the Lua on prosody otherwise, the SQL module in prosody wasn’t working since the SQL module required Lua DB support which is present till Lua5.3

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