Connection dropping, optimization problem with jvb


When 2 or more users are connected to a room, it shows Connectivity Issue on the fellow user and sometimes my own network drops facing connectivity issues to the fellow user. In Signal Strength Stats, I see tremendous Frame Rate drop however maximum upload speed upto 512kbps.

What is the Minimum Internet Speed Required to establish issueless connectivity? What is the minimum speed required by the server to establish connection flawlessly when serving through jvb?

I am facing the similar issue - Video resolution is drooping: connection quality is not good with wired connection inside local area network


To be able to stream 720p you need 3-4Mbps. 360p is maybe 1Mbps… not sure. This is for client upload.
For the server it is very complicated, but if let’s say there are 3 people in a call all with chromes and with simulcast enabled. Very roughly this will need 12Mbps upload and download, mind that those estimation are for everyone in ideal conditions uploading 4Mbps and not counting thumbnails and audio, but very , but very roughly this should be for such a call.


Ok. that’s too much. I was testing on home network with download speed of 27Mbps and uploading upto 3.5Mbps on server. That may not be sufficient to serve conference to 2-3 demo users.