Connecting Jitsi to Youtube live stream for a Sheduled event

I am not sure how to work this.

I have a meeting this afternoon which needs to be streamed through Youtube. A scheduled Youtube stream. But I can’ get the key or work out how to do it., I have watched videos and read documentation but I can’t work it out.

please help


  1. COPY the stream key on Youtube
  2. Open the menu
  3. Start Live stream
  4. Paste the stream key

Yes, i know that. But I couldn’t access the key in the scheduled stream. I got 5 different bits of advice on how to do it but none of the dashboard tabs they suggested were available on my dashboard

I still haven’t been able to work out.

The key could be accessable from the same place in the scheduled stream too. It works for me

It should, but it doesn’t. And I don’t have the 'streaming ’ tab in my sidebar.

Is this a new or unverified Youtube account?