Connecting jitsi to other videoconferencing platforms (Cisco for instance)


Hey guys,

I was watching a video of @saghul and I’m wondering how did you guys connect Jitsi conferences to another video rooms platform ?
It’s very well explained in the video but is there any technical documentation about this feature ?

Thanks :v:


This feature lacks documentation, but it uses jibri. Here is all we have at the moment:


Hello and thank you for the documentation.
In the README file of Jibri it’s written that Only one recording at a time is supported on a single jibri
Does it mean that Jibri cannot connect multiple Jitsi-Meet conferences to different SIP conferences at once ?


Yep, this is true. One instance per conference.


So, if we wanna make that happen we have to install multiple Jibri instances ?


Yes. This is how works today, it up/down scales the number of free jibris.


I see. Thanks for the clarification