Connecting custom jitsi webserver with android and IOS app

Hello all,

we want setup live streaming which connects the android app with web server of jitsi.
we have setup our custom server for jitsi and it is working between web to web.
For android app we follow below github link.
On connecting we are getting below error on android app’;
{“message”:“Network request failed”,“stack”:“\\\\\\\\\nvalue@[native code]”}**

can anyone help me out how to resolve this error?

Also we want full control of streaming like fps, resolution and switching the camera. Kindly guide how to customize the mention parameters.

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Does your deployment have a valid TLS certificate? Do you get any errors if you open the site with the builtin web browser? Self-signed certificates are not supported and you’ll get an error like the one you posted.

Hello Saghaul,

Thanks for your response.

We have installed the TLS certificate on our custom server.
From Web to web it is working find.
Still we are facing same problem with App to web.

On connecting with app it disconnect suddenly. On log we got message as below:\

[features/base/lib-jitsi-meet] Failed to load config from{“message”:“Network request failed”,“stack”:“\\\\\\\\\nvalue@[native code]”}

Any idea why this error?


Please check this.

Hello saghul,

On web we didn’t get error. The error log did i sent is coming from android app.
Also we have installed the TLS server on our custom web.
The Official link for Jitsi i.e is working fine in android app to webserver communication. so there is no problem in android app. Does anything else need to be done on server other then TLS server?


That should be enough. Can you get a full adb logcat output when the problem manifests?

Hello Saghaul,

We have successfully connected the android app to our custom webserver. The problem was the chain ssl certificate. Currenlty we are facing other problem with it.
When any person connect with server the video view is working, but when more than 2 person are connecting the video view doesn’t works. Do you have any idea about this? is there any restrictions for parallel video view of user?


It should be the case and for web participants, right? Probably your deployment needs more configuration, port forwarding, firewall or private and public address setting in jvb, checkout advance settings in

Hello Mate,

Thanks fro your reply. I recently join this community.

I am facing same issue please help me.