Connecting a Kinesis video stream to a conference call

This could allow all sorts of new integrations. KVSs now fully support WRTC so this should be relatively easy to do I would think.


What is that device and what does “WebRTC support” mean here? Joining a meeting implies more than being WebRTC capable, since XMPP signaling is involved, for example.

The signaling is an orthogonal issue. I was just wondering if the stream could be a participant wrt media.

Use case 1: connect a baby monitor to a kinesis stream and have that ingested in the FSU for all other participants to see

Use case 2: Use the stream as a destination and use AWS tools to analyze (e.g. transcribe, etc.)

It’s not orthogonal. We don’t support injeccting arbitrary media to a meeting, so you’d need to “join” the meeting as a participant.

That is not doable today AFAICT.

This is interesting. It would require us sending the traffic from the bridge there, similarly to what we currently do in Jigasi, for the same purpose (transcriptions).