Connect to jitsi meet from another sip client


If someone starts a meeting in, is there a way to connect to that meeting through my personal sip sofphone/webphone ? Instead of using jitsi meet I mean.

Yes, if you have your own deployment with jigasi. We don’t hace a public facing SIP address on at the monent.

Thanks for the answer! Ok I see, I ll take a look! Any reasons why you don’t have public facing SIP address? Is it due to security reasons or due to limited interest from the users ? I am asking because some people might want to run their own little webphone/softphone that they want to connect from for security/privacy reasons.

It’s arguably less seure to connect from a SIP client because the encryption used (SRTP-SDES) shares the keys in the signling plane and is in general less secure than using SRTP-DTLS, which is used in WebRTC.

Also, I’m curious: why would someone using a webphone not open the Jitsi Meet website in the first place? :slight_smile:

Ok I see… Well in my mind, if Jitsi doesn’t open up the signaling somehow it’s not different than any other silo. I mean thanks for all the open source projects and free calls you offer guys but still the last step that is left is to provide and advocate towards a way to interconnect different jitsi-based apps, of course based on existing standards. In my mind at least, videoconferencing/Voip clients should work as email clients (the smtp protocol) along with some support from DNS. Super nodes with federation support that are able to interconnect (call each other). The current state of Voip is just small islands, sure Jitsi is quite nice but still a silo. Maybe connectivity with legacy Voip (= non-webrtc voip) is less secure but at least as a first step it would be nice to interconnect with other webrtc-based clients. Sure there are other open questions, like if each side should have their own TURN servers and if not who is going to bear the brunt regarding, trust issues, authentication/authorization issues, new identity model (probably based on dns) etc.

I am actually investigating this problem in my free time, trying to map the missing pieces of the whole puzzle for this to happen and hopefully build a prototype, because it seems like a very interesting, that’s why I asked in the first place.

I feel you. As someone who has worked on multiple protocols and interoperability gateways I get exactly what you mean.

But I think it’s time to think things a bit differently. There is a very simple protocol for interoping different Jitsi islands: HTTP. Wait, don’tt think I’m an idiot yet, hear me out :slight_smile:

The mobile app connects to by default, but if you enter a full URL it will go to that ddeployment instead.

So the way to “federate” here, in our view, is to use whatever protocol you like for exchanging Jitsi URLs, and then you’re off to the racces. That protocol could very well be Matrix, XMPP, SIP or whatever-over-IPFS.

Hmm but that’s not real interconnectivity. You still need to load the whole jitsi client/site. What I vision is the ability to call Zoom/Skype/you-name-me client from Jitsi and vice versa :slight_smile:

Alas, that won’t happen in this world we live in. We have an in-room solution, for example, called Spot whicch does integrate with Zoom, but it does so by loading the URL on an iframe.

It is unfortunate, but it is what it is.

This would be really nice to have for interconnection of SIP conference phones etc. It may be (very slightly, since it depends only on the trust level of the local PBX) less secure than WebRTC, but it’s a very great deal more secure than the phone network, which you also support, and would provide HD voice to boot.

Dears, we are running Jitsi meet on our own server, and it works fine, but with every browser upgrade, something goes wrong. So I guess it will be far better to have “controlled environment”, and I mean one proper client application, where you don’t rely on browsers and different settings, but on your own code and your own updates. It will be really nice to see some Jitsi - client application.


There is

Thank you! I was looking around!

I will give it a kick now, and see how it works!

Once again thanks!