Connect JitsiMeet with Bookly / Woocommerce on WP

Dear Jitsi Community,

Can JitsiMeet be used with bookly (or Woocommerce) on WordPress (WP)? And if yes how ?

My website
I have built a Wordpress website, which I am using to allow clients to book meetings through Bookly, a popular WP plugin that allows clients to synchronise meeting requests with your agenda. Currently, WP just implemented a Zoom plugin, which allows me to send a Zoom invite (through bookly/Woocommerce) into the message sent to confirm the meeting to the client. Zoom is something I cannot use for privacy and confidentiality reasons. Therefore, Jitsi seems great.

What I need
I need to automate the process of sending meeting invites, containing the JitsiMeet link + password that will be different each time to access the session. No manual work to do.

I thought of 2 manual alternatives, which may consist of either:
(a) sending the meeting invite separately, or
(b) creating a unique link for videoconferences, which I could include in the response message to the client, and create a different password myself separately and manually that I could send to the client in advance.

Although it may work, this is not very handy.

I need to find a way for the system to automatically send a link and include this into the meeting invite to the client.

The aim is to host JitsiMeet on my local server so that my clients know that the data remains in the country where I provide my services.

Any ideas, guidance, tutorials, alternative ways to automate this, would be extremely appreciated !

Thank you all in advance!


Background: I am not a developer, but a privacy pro with basic knowledge of IT. I provide services that require high standard of confidentiality and Jitsi seems to meet a lot of criteria to address client concerns with regard to their privacy and confidentiality.


Hi @theguzo . Did you ever get your Wordpress setup working to authenticate in Jitsi?

Hi theguzo,
I have a project similar to yours.
I will be glad to talk about this if you contact me.

Hi theguzo, Oben,

I am working something similar to what you were trying to do. Were you able to get it done? Can you point me in the right direction (or recommend someone)?