Connect jibri to port other than 5222

We have setup prosody c2s service on port 6222. Is it possible to connect jibri to port other than 5222 (ex: 6222)? No option was found in config.json and jibri.conf to set xmpp server c2s port.

Since nobody seems to be eager to reply, I’d go out on a limb and say it’s probably not supported from what I have seen in the code, and you should investigate using a proxy, probably Haproxy could do the trick with tcp proxying of course. Maybe nc could do thist it’s said to be able to do anything :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply,
I think I have to change Jibri code and compile it. port 5222 must have been configured somewhere in the code and probably hardcoded.

I think 5222 is used as a default somewhere (a lower level in Jibri itself, I don’t think you’ll find that value in the Jibri code), but making this configurable wouldn’t be too bad if you want to open a PR. You’d add a port argument alongside the others here, I think, to pass it to the MUC client. There’s a bit more work to add it into the config as well, but it would look pretty much the same as the other properties there.

TCP/5222 is the default XMPP port. No need to explicitly set it while using XMPP…

But for some reasons I have to change it.

Then explicitly set it

There is not a configurable option to set it. I have to change the code and I will try to test.

while searching for another issue I have stumbled on this. So finally there may be a way to configure this port, with a DNS SRV entry. I have no further insight, since I have no personal experience in using DNS SRV entries.

I sent a PR