Connect/Disconnect & Etherpad ports

Ubuntu : 20.XX
Jitsi Docker
NGINX and let’encrypt certificates

I had been using the docker version for months with prosody authentication for two different sites. For a site, I decided to upgrade and use the latest published versions. Since then, I’ve had two problems:

  1. Continous Connect/Disconnect/Reconnect
  2. Etherpad boots but without associated ports in docker (loac, exposed) ( at nginx level, I redirect to http port 38108)

My research seems to indicate a Prosody problem. I have created a user … but the situation remains the same! I was unable to load my certificate as recommended in a discussion …

I manage two sites. I have compared the configuration files line by line, they are almost identical. Where to look ? Are you aware of an important change between the current version and the version a few months old ?

The definitions and examples of these variables could help me …

ETHERPAD_URL_BASE ( Docker bridge net work is and docker-jitsi-meet_meet.jitsi is The Etherpad ip is )
PUBLIC_URL ( I guest the https one ? )
HTTPS_PORT ( in my case the https traffic is managed outside docker)

Thank you