Confusion about "Manage Video Quality"

Hi all

I might misunderstand the functionality of the “Manage Video Quality” button. I see that it sets constraints for receiving. However, when I move the slider to the low resolution, I still see another participant in a higher resolution. Am I missing something?

I realized that changing video quality doesn’t have any affect. I still see HD video. Would it be forced by any configuration value? any idea?

You’re right in identifying that you’re confused about the function of the slider. Saying it “doesn’t have any affect” is an erroneous assertion.

The Video quality slider controls your own video feed - meaning, the video you send out to others, the resolution and invariably your upload bandwidth. It doesn’t control your receive bandwidth. To change your receive bandwidth, the other participants in the call would also need to change their send resolution.

You can manage the overall bandwidth allocation (resolution) in your Jitsi environment by changing the resolution constraints in config.js:

// constraints: {
//     video: {
//         height: {
//             ideal: 720,
//             max: 720,
//             min: 240
//         }
//     }
// },
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