Confused about client and server

I was under the impression that after I self-host a server, I would need to install a client and connect to the server.

However I followed a guide to install jitsi meet and used google domain to setup a DNS, and realize that I just need 2 browsers to access and type in the same room and I’m done!

So my question is that, how do I tweak around with the server for my own usage? Like testing out the audio sampling rate, etc. Would be great if someone could point me to a general direction!

I’m still really confused about jicofo jibri jigasi, I’m not sure if I need them.

You cannot create a conference without jicofo. Jicofo is installed automatically when you install jitsi-meet. Jibri is if you want streaming or recording and you need a jibri instance per recorded/streamed session.
Jigasi is for traditional telephony integration, like dial into a meeting.

And the client is every browser, yes. Some parameters can be passed via the webrtc API which you can play with recompiling lib-jitsi-meet, but if you need something more custom, you basically need to recompile the browser. Some params are config controlled …

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think “meet”