Configuring audio in

New user, looking at what’s available through the basic web portal for meeting creation - is there a way to define audio encoders/quality directly for conference calls set up this way, or is that something only doable if running a separate host?

You can tweak the audio configuration by adding


to the URL.

Is there a full list of the functional variables on GitHub somewhere?

Config settings are usually set in the jitsi-meet config.js on the server thus some of the config options are documented here:

Audio filtering is done inside lib-jitsi-meet.
lib-jitsi-meet gets the configuration passed from the web server + the options passed in the URL.
Most of the audio filtering config options are undocumented,
Undocumented config options are listed and sometimes described in the lib-jitsi-meet sourcecode when and where they are used:

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Much appreciated; the only thing I’m not finding is a setting to force/allow specific bitrates for audio v. video.

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I’m new to Jitsi and one of the things I’m interested in is improved audio quality. Can someone clarify:

  1. When overriding the server config file settings with the URL #config options, does that apply to everyone in the meeting or just to the user who used that URL?
  2. Is there a way to change these settings when starting/joining from an iPhone/iPad?


  1. Modifying the config in /etc/jitsi/meet/ makes the changes for everyone joining the server. Passing “commands” via URL like only changes the client side of things.

  2. Not sure on mobile apps, I don’t mess with that yet.

Thank you c10@r0x


It is nice that we can specify those options as part of the URL, but would it be too much to ask you to give us a configuration window/pane of sort at the time of joining a meeting so we can set those values with it?

Zoom allows you to fine-tune audio settings (see image below), and that’s why some musicians choose Zoom for their use.

Thanks! :grinning: