Configure SIP Trunk to Cisco Unified Called Manager

Although I was successfully able to configure Jigasi as a SIP client, it won’t scale.
Has anybody been able to configure Jitsi -> Call manager as a SIP Trunk?
Do you have any other recommendations ?
We are 35k employees in my company

You can configure multiple jigasi instances with brewery rooms. There should be a plenty of examples in the forum, like this one:


We are facing the same issue due to the 16 calls limit for third party sip clients in Cisco Call Manager.
We are thinking on registering jigasi with Cisco VCS Control instead of doing it over Cisco Call Manager.
Surely we will be able to avoid de call limit restriction, but we can´t find any reference about this integration way. Someone has try this? If we make any progress we will share.

Thank you in advance¡¡

I posted most of my progress here

let me know if you have any questions