Configure Jitsi's docker to work with foundryvtt

Hello folks,

I need some help here. I’m trying to configure the Jitsi from the docker to be used with a Foundryvtt (using the Jitsi WebRTC client inside Foundryvtt).

I found some articles with steps to do:

foundryvtt com/packages/jitsirtc…
dev to/noandrea/self-hosted-jitsi-server-with-authentication-ie7
github com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet/issues/1122

But I couldn’t find the folders inside the docker container:

Also, I don’t know if all these are necessary. =/
These are the configuration that Jitsi WebRTC client inside Foundryvtt requests.
Any idea where can I find it in the Jitsi installation?

Any idea how to resolve this issue and have the docker-jitsi-meet working with Foundryvtt?

Docker Jitisi repository:

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I am having the same issue installing this. A comprehensive guide would be great, but I sadly miss some skills.