Configure Jitsi-Videobridge to work with TCP as well

I have set up the jitsi-meet and working well, a big thanks to the jitsi developers. Recently more of our friends complained about frequent disconnection issues. I checked the prosody, jicofo and jvb logs after some jitsi community searches, It seems that those with disconnection issues may have problem with UDP ports which is necessary for normal jitsi setup to work.
I would like to know, how to configure jitsi-videobridge to work with TCP also.

Best way is to deploy a TURN server (e.g. coturn) with ssltcp mode on port 443. This will punch through even very restrictive firewalls. TURN server can be used in P2P mode to directly relay media between the users, or in conferences with >= 3 participants it can be used by participants to reach the bridge.

If deploying a TURN server, it’s worthwhile to also enable UDP on it, since that way participants who have working UDP but can’t directly reach each other (a common case) can use the TURN server instead of the bridge, which gives slightly better performance and keeps load off your bridge.

I have configured TURN to work with TCP. So I did let the JVB server to listen on default ports.
Setup TURN on ports greater than 1024 ports(4454/4455). and changed the relevant entries as needed.

Now those users who could not able to join meeting due to UDP traffic block in their corporate offices are now able to join.

Thanks to jbg and jitsi community…