Configure jitsi server for 50 conferences and 50 users in each simultaneously

How can I make jitsi server work for more than total 2000 users in different conferences simultaneously. Like 50 conferences at a time with 40 to 50 users in each. Right now videobridge service gets stopped with log error “Dropping a packet because queue is full” even though having net.core.rmem_max=10485760

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This is my solution

Easy way to create a Jitsi cluster

i found this issue please help me

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Put a farm of videobridges and it will do the work for you.

Each conference with 50 participants and lots of cameras open will require around 16 cores.



Hello @Ragini_Sahu,

Is this question related in the link which I sent above or something else?

No @emrah I am using one instance of jitsi video bridge2 and getting this issue


Hi @emrah
can you help me? how much JVB node i have to create for 50 conferences and 50 users

Hello @Ragini_Sahu, I can’t say how much node are needed. It depends on too many factors.

There are some topics in the forum about user experiences and some test results

Thanks for reply
Okay so please tell me how much node are needed ?

Hello @Ragini_Sahu, as I said before I can’t say a number. Start with a few nodes (let’s say 3 JVB nodes) and add more JVB nodes when needed.

Ok Thanks

whats the max load you are able to attain? conferences and persons in a conference?

There is no heavy use on my server. Therefore I have never seen a heavy load. Most of the time, 3-5 concurrent conferences and max. 50-60 participants.

@aptimyze we’ve been testing large Jitsi setups and, with a few tweaks you can get 200 users into the same room without collapsing everything.

Once you go beyond that level, UI becomes quite unresponsive.

In order to host 2500 users concurrently you’ll need sharding + videobridge pools.