Configure Jitsi for low bandwidth users

We’re having trouble configuring the server to be able to adapt to users who have low internet.
We would like to set the connection so users who have a ‘low’ internet connection to only have audio and be able to set the audio quality to the lowest possible option.
Any help is appreciated.

Switching the “Manage Video Quality” slider to “Low bandwidth” will put the user in “audio only” mode

Thanks @Freddie,

I am thinking more server side options. Most of the users I am referring to are connecting via cellphone. This needs to be set for them by default if at all possible.

Perhaps you could start your meetings in “audio only” mode by default and those with sufficient bandwidth can turn on video? In config.js:

startAudioOnly: true,

That’s an idea…i’ll see how that goes.
Is there a way to lower the audio quality on the server?
Does the server detect internet connection? Could it not set the quality of audio accordingly?

I suppose you could adjust the opusMaxAverageBitrate flag, but to be frank, audio uses such minute bitrate already there’s really no need to lower it any further. I mean, we’re talking about around 28kbps (compared to 2500kbps for HD video).