Configure Jigasi to Accept All INVITEs

I have installed Jigasi and set up the parameters for ACCOUNT_UID, PASSWORD, SERVER_ADDRESS, and USER_ID. The application registers perfectly to my SIP registrar and I can make outbound calls from Jitsi without issue.
Here’s the kicker - the SIP proxy that Jigasi is registered to is not the same server that will send Jigasi inbound calls. So when calls are sent to Jigasi, the application does not respond at all to the INVITEs, and I see some errors in the logs.

2018-12-20 17:16:37.626 SEVERE: [5732] impl.protocol.sip.SipStackSharing.processRequest().709 couldn’t find a ProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl to dispatch to
2018-12-20 17:16:38.625 INFO: [5733] impl.protocol.sip.SipLogger.logInfo().196 Info from the JAIN-SIP stack: Setting SIPMessage peerPacketSource to: /PROXY_IP:PORT (omitted on purpose)
2018-12-20 17:16:38.628 SEVERE: [5733] impl.protocol.sip.SipStackSharing.findTargetFor().922 no listeners

So my question in short is simply - is there a way that I can configure the Jigasi application to accept inbound calls from anywhere? I can limit the traffic via firewall for intrusion protection, but I need a way for Jigasi to register to one server and accept inbound calls from another server(s).

No, this is currently not possible.

Thanks for confirming! I’ll work on modifying the code to allow this functionality.

It was years ago, but did you ever get anywhere with this?

After configuring a whole bunch of other things to dial into my proxy and enter with DTMF a room number, I find jigasi doesn’t accept the forwarded INVITE from the DTMF app because the source port doesn’t match the outgoing proxy… WTF? This is sooo broken.

I presume this is java to blame. :frowning_face:

EDIT: I’ll do it by just sending the invite with the Room Header added (after collecting DTMF) back into the kamailio that jigasi proxies to (which happens to be the kamailio that got the original incoming call)

I guess in the case that anyone else hits this, one solution is to just put a very simple kamailio in front of your jigasi.