Configure Embed link Information


I have successfully installed Jitsi meet on my server all is working fine, but my issue is that whenever I copy the link to the web or to social media platforms, whatsapp/messenger/gmail or whenever you embed the room link the embed info is set to default meaning it says “JITSI MEET” web and blah blah blah, where can I change those settings to my preferred text?.

I think it’s not that complicated right?.



oh okay, I’m gonna try it out since I’m on docker, I’m gonna mount it in the settings. will report back.

It did not work.
When I copy the link to viber for instance, the embed image is still Jitsi meet. Maybe I need to reconfigure that.
Any other advice you can give?
Also Since I’m on Docker, the title.html gave me a lot of errors, frequent disconnecting issues and all.
Thanks a lot.