Configure AWS Load Balancing

Hello guys, I’m trying to load balance our jitsi-meet app which we use here for internal meetings.

What I’ve done so far:

1 - EC2 instance with jitsi-meet (with public IP)

2 - Load Balance (internet facing with HTTPS)

3 - DNS pointing to EC2 instance, because if we point to load balance, it doesn’t work

4 - Auto Scale if CPU higher than 60% or if Network In is higher than 125.000.00

AWS is auto scaling just fine, but is not load balancing traffic.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance

You need to autoscale bridges.
If you load-balance https traffic you can end up participants land in different instances, so in different rooms and will not see or hear each other.


So, if I understood well, I must have a configuration like this:

  1. EC2 instance with jitsi-meet complete installation (with public IP)
  2. DNS pointing to EC2 instance public IP
  3. An EC2 instance image with jitsi-videobridge installed only
  4. Auto Scale setup to create instances based on image from step 3 (scale if CPU higher than 60% or if Network In is higher than 125.000.000)
  5. Load Balance (https) pointing to an Auto Scale Group pointing to EC2 instance from step 1

Is this right?

Why is this?

The rest seems fine.

Sorry, I wanted to say “Target Group pointing to Load Balance”.

Target Groups have in its configuration what kind of instance image Auto Scale should create.

I still don’t get it.
What is your goal? You, want to have multiple jvbs that scale in one shard? If this is the case, points 1 to 4 are enough.
The load balancing itself is done in jicofo, jicofo chooses the least loaded bridge for the next conference.

I’m sorry for my poor understanding.

I have this situation:

4 users are doing a live conference. (1 instance used with jitsi-meet)
Plus 4 users do another video conference (AWS sees an increase of Network In and auto scale creating other instance)

How do I load balance this?
In my setup I have an AWS Load Balance configuration in EC2 panel

Once AWS creates a new jvb instance, the new conferences will be on the new bridge and this is handled by jicofo.
There is nothing you can do for the other two conferences. You just need to make sure you scale up jvb, before reaching your limits.


Can you shared me a diagram from your aws infrastructure?, I try to make implementen load balancing, I can see web but when I try to create a new room is not posible, I got a message “Connection is lost” or somenthing like that