Configuration option: auto-enable video during screenshare

After starting a screenshare you can enable video manually.

Would it be possible to create a configuration option to enable video per default when starting a screenshare?

Thank you!

Turning on the camera and mic should be manual process for the user to avoid any privacy issues that’s the reason to not have such features.

Agreed that automatically turning on camera is a privacy concerned, but in the case where camera is already on when someone turn’s on screenshare then I agree with the OP that it could be useful to keep camera on albeit in presenter mode.

That may or may not match everyone’s expectation, hence if ever supported may have to be explicitly enabled by config.

But there is an option to enable mic and video when joining a call per default.
When starting a screenshare video is disabled even though it was enabled before.


I think the better UX is if the person has already turn on the camera>if he will start screen-sharing> popup should appear that will ask to keep turn on the camera> if they click on yes then> webcam will remain turn on otherwise…

@pratik This would be a great idea! I think our users would like that :slight_smile: