Configuration in config.js for Jidesha (Firefox)


Hi Jitsi team,

I recently made a new deploy of Jitsi Meet and now I am making the necessary changes to the configuration file.

I remember that in previous deployments the file had these properties:

desktopSharingFirefoxExtensionURL: null,
desktopSharingFirefoxMaxVersionExtRequired: 51,

But now they are not preset. Should I add them manually?

Thanks in advance.

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P.S.: It seems the link to the forum is incorrect on the Jitsi website.


Firefox does not need an extension, it works out of the box.

P.S. which link is broken, on which page, thanks?


Hi, Damian.

I thought that it was necessary for versions prior to 52 and that’s why the desktopSharingFirefoxMaxVersionExtRequired: 51 property existed.

I also thought that it was necessary to configure the desktopSharingFirefoxExtId property with the ID configured in the extension and with the desktopSharingFirefoxExtensionURL property a URL could be configured to download the extension in case the user has an older version of Firefox.

On page [1] for “The Community” the link given to the forum is this [2].

Thanks for your reply.

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Well, Firefox before 51 is too old to be used anyway and what we state is that we support Firefox after latest ESR (though this is not officially written anywhere).
The code for firefox extension is already removed from the code, I think.

Thanks for the link. I will check it and fix it.


Hi, Damian.

Yes, I agree that it is quite old, but since in Jigasi there is still the firefox directory in the code that can be obtained from Github, I thought that you were still supporting versions prior to Firefox 52.

So the code to support Firefox prior to 52 has been removed from the side of Jitsi Meet?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

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The code was indeed removed from Jitsi Meet:

We’re also removing it from jidesha to avoid further confusion:



Hi, Boris.

Thank you for confirming these changes in the code by providing the corresponding links.

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