Configuration Guide?

HI all,

Where can I get a copy of the configuration guide?

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Is this what you are looking for?

Hi Neil,

Thank you for the prompt response. That looks like the installation guide, which I have seen and used.
I am looking for a configuration guide (post-installation configuration)

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If there is one, then I haven’t seen it, I’m afraid.

Did you have specific things you wanted to configure/achieve? The various config files are pretty well documented.

Dear Jitsi Team,

first of all: Thank you so much for the hard work you put into all of this especially at the moment! It is so good to have Jitsi as a tool that enables so many people to continue to be in touch and keep doing the work (e.g. culture, care, teaching …) they do!

I would like to second that it would be awesome to have some short doc on things one can do to improve chat-quality on a server. Lots of people are setting up Jitsi instance now on VPS and many of them are no experts but just do it since the need arises to have more instances.

The quick install works really good and is very nicely documented!

What would be very helpfull is some options / advice which might give means to tune the installation or make the performance more stable / the audio-video quality better.

  • What type of Sever should one choose? (VPS or dedicated, how many cores, GB of RAM, any service yielding best results? Digital Ocean, AWS, etc.)

  • Is there some post install tuning one can do? (e.g configure Java memory, limit bandwith if necessary, tune linux server performance, does a swap partition make sense, etc.)

I have an instance running on digital ocean (Ubuntu 18.4.3 / 2 shared virtualCPUs / 4 GB Ram) build from the latest jitsi-meet. It is performing okish for groups around 7 people. I have tried instances with more cores / RAM but could not really see positive results in small groups. Also the load on the server CPU and RAM seems to be very low.
What could be done to improve the instance?

… As I said my wholehearted thanks to each and every one in the project for the great work!

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I’d like to be able to change graphics and content to start.
We are also looking to configure multiple sessions.

Upon install, we can open a session, but audio and video are not coming through either

Could a connection with a higher bandwidth solve the problem?!

Unfortunately most VPS providers dont tell you much about the bandwith available to an individual VPS in a shared cluster. But yes I would also think that this could be the bottleneck. Do you know of any good high bandwith provider?
Of course the bandwith on client side is sometimes also a problem – this however is not quick to fix for a group. Especially in countries with bad internet.

Sorry I have no experience with server providers. There are providers that offer dedicated bandwidth. In Germany e. g. netcupückstand-auf-dem-gebiet-der-garantierten-bandbreite/

Thank you Jan! I can not test this at the moment but I am assuming that a server with a dedicated 1GBit link would most likely perform better. It also makes it less accessible in terms of cost. In germany the cheapest option might be starting somewhere around 50€/month. Would be interesting to try …

Depending on what you mean by graphics, if you want to change the logo, and perhaps show one of your own, the settings are in:


If you want to show your own logo, enable it in this file, and then name your image “rightwatermark.png” and upload it to:


(It might make sense to create your own copy of the interface_config.js, named something else, and use nginx to point requests to that instead. That way, if the original interface_config.js gets updated as part of a package update, your changes won’t be overwritten.)


What setting enables the logo? There’s only one setting containing the word “LOGO”, POLICY_LOGO.

Are these settings documented anywhere, or just in the comments in that file?

@Civility, for an easy logo solution, look at this post: Replace Jitsi logo

Updated/latest answer: