Configuration for 1,000 end-to-end conferences with recordings

I’ve read many topics on this forum about Jitsi and Jibri performance but I still can find a solution in order to make an installation for 1,000 end-to-end conferences with recordings. Can just one server with other performances support all? Can anybody suggest any architecture for this scenario?

Having a pool with auto-scaling jibri instances is a solution. One instance can serve one session as this is an expensive operation.

Have you similar experience? Have you used datacenter like AWS or a classical VPS cluster?

you are asking this question to one of the Jitsi devs who manage the platform, that has far more than 1000 conferences every day. It’s well known it is using AWS.

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Excuse me but I’m new in this community. Thanks.
I’ve find this reply of @damencho in old post. Can someone help me? There is a tutorial or documentation about this issue?

official: DevOps Guide (scalable setup) · Jitsi Meet Handbook
and some forum posts. Use the search function. If you hope for an easy step by step beginner-friendly procedure, remember that’s a relatively advanced networking setup, it’s not something that anyone can get up and running in a day of work…

Well, show me who can do it. Need support for my task. @damencho or you are available?

You better post in the Paid-Work section with your requirements.

Thanks a lot @damencho, I hadn’t seen a section for paid services.