Config Local Only Jitsi meet server with openLDAP

I have setup a local Jitsi Meet Server. I ahve connected it with an openldap server for authentication with cyrus/sasl. I 've tested the connection with

sudo saslauthd -d -a ldap


sudo testsaslauthd -u user -p password

and I get ok connection. What I want to know is how can I make it so when my users connect to the server either from the page or the electron app have to always authenticate. The users should be the users from the openldap server and they will use their email addresses to connect. I have already setup[ as ldap filter


Can anyone point me to a tutorial or give me some instructions?

Check this out, hope it helps: LDAP authentication | Jitsi Meet

I have already followed this tutorial. But when I go to my jitsi meet server page there is not any difference. Shouldn’t be there a login page? Or at least ask credentials when I create a conference?

Credentials are asked once you try to join a conference. If that does not happen it means something is not configured correctly.