Config.json is empty

I have installed multiple times and in all the occasions where it was found problems, one reslto over the others, the file “config.json” is always empty.

why is this happening? how do I solve it?

In all the guides you always find content, I follow the steps they recommend and even then I find it empty.

Latest Jibri now uses Jibri.conf, not config.json. Check out this migration guide on how to populate Jibri.conf.

ok, according to what I understand by “” I must create a new content for jibri.conf, the one I have at present only has the line of code:

jibri {

Would I use this command as a reference to carry my jibri.conf file?

Yes, you need to copy the example and paste it into your Jibri.conf, then replace the domain, usernames, passwords and recording directory with your own values.

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Do I need to delete this command --config image
because though my config.json is empty ,my log still print "Checking legacy config file /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json " and pibri can’t start ,please help me

Do I need to delete this command


thank u ,i delete config.json and use jibri.conf ,now it’s working ,but it appeared a new error


At least 4 cores / 4 GB RAM (8 GB better)

thank u very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: