Config Jitsi-meet

How to config jitsi meets requirements as follows:

  • Hosted conference: who create & start conference
  • Moderator: Who follow to guide something
  • Participant: Who follow to learn
  1. Multi moderators in a conference with one of which will be hosted conference (called “hosted conference”). If the hosted conference leaves the conference (e.g. disconnect network, reconnecting network, …), another moderator will be replaced to host (other moderator will be owner of the conference).

  2. The hosted conference can mute the audio stream from all participants (Do not allow all participants to turn on speaker during all conference). If a participant raises hand and has teacher’s consent then that participant can speak.

  3. All moderators can see (receive) video streams from all remain participants, but each participant will see only the stream from the hosted conference (the goal is to minimize the amount of data transmitted through the server)

  4. May I use Jitsi-API to do above questions 1,2,3