Config File Confusion?


Installed jitsi with docker, can someone please put me into the right direction? I can’t seem to understand how the config file works?, where do I exactly edit jitsi meet configuration?, is it through .env variables? or? through ./jitsi-meet-cfg/web ? in the host file?

For instance I have successfully remove the reactions… however I can’t figure out where I disabled it exactly, I disabed it through .env in my env file and also in the settings-config folder found in /docker-jitsi-meet/web/defaults/rootfs (Not exact path but only what I could remember).

I am new to all of these so please bear with me.

According to my research since every time I docker compose up or down, the image is being pulled in the repo? am I right? but if that’s the case how did I manage to DisableReactions = 1 / true?

What’s the real simple work around?
Delete all the container, change the docker-compose.yml file to use the local host ./jitsi-meet-cfg/web path instead of the original one in the docker-compose.yml? (image: jitsi/web:latest)

Thanks for all your help.

Yes, through env vars.

No, no new images are pulled.

You either used an env var or the custom-config.js file.

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I am gonna close this now. Thanks